This section of the Implementation Guide is designed to outline the technical details of implementing HPXML. HPXML is an expansive standard data format based on extensible markup language (XML) and maintained by the Building Performance Institute’s HPXML working group. For more information on HPXML, visit

The HPXML format is defined by a set of XML Schema (XSD) documents that outline all the acceptable data elements, their structure, and relation to one another. The schema itself is very flexible. Almost none of the elements are required, which allows for any level of detail in home performance data to be transmitted in the format. This level of flexibility is very useful but it also can be dangerous for the software developer. Two developers could each create an implementation that would represent their data in valid HPXML, but would be divergent. The purpose of this guide is to document the assumptions that are not codified in the schema that are necessary to write and interpret HPXML documents across platforms.

Standard Datasets

In order to better utilize the standard and have consistency across the HPXML workging group has created Standard HPXML Datasets that define what data elements are required for a pre-defined set of typical use cases. While most programs will have their own specific data needs to be supported by HPXML these can serve a useful starting point to enable interoperability between existing systems already in the marketplace.

The majority of the assumptions and recommendations in this Guide come from the set of pilot implementations in the Audit-Upgrade Standard Dataset. This guide primarily documents lessons learned from those pilots. As other datasets are created, this guide will continue to be updated.

HPXML Working Group

One of the best resources you will have available to you as you develop to HPXML is the HPXML Working Group. Many of the current developers are working group members. They have a lot of experience in getting HPXML working and can help you avoid costly pitfalls.

To join the working group, send an email to


The HPXML schemas, example files, and this guide are all maintained on GitHub. You will always be able to find the latest version of the schemas there. Additionally as the schemas evolve over time you can be connected to and influence that process.